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Hog Roast Hereford’s mission is to create memorable outdoor dining experiences by supplying the best hog roast catering in Herefordshire and imaginative mobile menus for our clients in this rugged and rural county. We can cater for you in your dream location without you having to compromise on the food.

Whether it’s a Formal Hog Roast Leominster Dining Experience, or an Informal Hog Roast Ledbury Buffet – we can certainly tailor out menus to your needs.

We will create a tailor made hog roast menu that fulfils all your wishes as well as ticking all your boxes when it comes to practicality and affordability. If you haven’t already heard of us, we would like to thank you for taking an interest in our catering services and give you an insight into who we are as caterers and how we can offer you the perfect outdoor entertaining package for your big day.

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Hog Roast Hereford – The Number One Choice For Catering

Hog Roast Hereford

If you want an expertly cooked hog and plenty of menu choices to please your guests, all prepared from scratch using the finest locally source produce, look no further than Hog Roast Herefordshire. If we are catering for your event, you will be treated to the best example of hog roast catering in the county, and you will be offered a bespoke menu that fits your event, your budget and your tastes.

We are a popular choice for all types of outdoor events due to the quality of our food, our highly adaptable approach and the unrivalled standard of our artisan hog roasts. Our broad range of menus and superb signature dish appeals to a wide range of tastes and our different styles of catering packages are suitable for large and small events, grand occasions with a touch of formality and relaxed gatherings. Whether it is your dream outdoor wedding, a large public event, corporate hospitality or a private party, we can supply complete catering solutions and inventive dining options. Whatever style or size of event you are hosting in Herefordshire, the Hog Roast Herefordshire team will be able to offer you a hog roast menu that fits the bill.

Hire A Hog Roast Leominster Machine

If you are the sort of person who loves to muck in and have a go yourself, doing your own hog roast is a fantastic experience as well as an impressive outdoor catering option for your guests. Not only will cooking your own hog give you a great sense of accomplishment, it is also a very cost-effective self-catering option that allows you to provide lots of hot food for your guests from scratch. Doing the catering yourself may seem like a big undertaking, especially if you have a lot of guests, but here at Hog Roast Leominster, we will make our machine hire service as smooth and straightforward as possible.

We have a fantastic fleet of state-of-the-art hog roasters available, with flexible short-term and long-term hire options to suit your needs. We offer delivery, pick-up and cleaning as part of the package, and if you are unsure about where to source the best quality pork from, we can also supply the hog direct from our own superb suppliers of free-range pork. You can check out which hog roasters we have for hire on our machine hire page or give us a call for a more in-depth chat about what is involved in hiring a hog roast machine from us.

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Hog Roast HerefordOur website is packed with info about who we are, what we do, our unique approach to event catering in Herefordshire and all of the catering and hog roast machine services we offer. Our set menu examples offer a great starting point to inspire you when it comes to creating your own hog roast menu , and when you have decided on the style of catering you would like, you have an idea of guest numbers and you have secured a venue, you can let us know all the key details of your catering requirements by simply completing the query form here on our website.

If you need some guidance about the optimum catering package for your event to suit your budget, your preferences, the occasion and any dietary needs of your guests, our friendly and well-informed team are always happy to help. Whether you would prefer to chat on the phone or contact us by email, we are available to give you all the advice and assistance you need.

We want you to be just as satisfied with the cost of your catering as you as with the quality of the food, and to show you just what great value we offer we will provide you with a free-no obligation quote for the catering for your event. If you want a unique roast dining experience for your event in Herefordshire, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Hog Roast Hereford today to book us for your event!