Machine Hire

All that we do at Hog Roast Cricklade Machine, from our meaty roasts, to our barbecued burgers, skewers, sausages, ribs, to our roast potatoes and freshly prepared sides, begins with a Hog Roast Cricklade machine. Our catering services and the delicious meals we provide to events would not be at all possible were it not for the ingenious design of these state-of-the-art machines, and so if you want to roast like the best of them (i.e. us) then you’d do well to find a better place to start than hiring a purchasing your own right here.

We rely on these machines day in and day out, so as far as testimonials go you won’t find much more of a seal of approval than our own. The Hog Roast Cricklade machines are designed to be robust, versatile to many different applications, efficient in what they do, and reliable at any time to produce the same perfect quality results whether it’s the machine’s first use or its one hundredth. If you want to hire or purchase your own then simply look ahead and let’s get to talking!

A Caterers Best Friend

We know these machines because we ourselves at Hog Roast Cricklade machine made them. Early in the companies history our founders were not satisfied with the current offering of catering capable roasting machines available, and so rather than make do with unsuitable hardware they got to creating their own out of the parts of many different machines. That prototype eventually became the Titan machine, which Hog Roast Cricklade machine franchises still use every day up and down the country. It’s an old reliable; perfectly robust and well-trusted to simply get the job done, perhaps without thrills but at the very least it is certainly going to be without spills too.

Since then we’ve iterated to create various other machines that each fulfil a variety of needs so that every situation in catering is well accounted for. Nothing can surprise us at Hog Roast Cricklade machine. You’ll see these machines further down the page wherein you can read up on each one and decide on which machine may be the right one for your needs.

When hiring or buying any roasting machine the first thing to ask is what exact use your new machine will be occupying. What kind of location are you in? How many mouths are you looking to feed? Is it a wide ranging menu you’re looking to offer or just a few specialities ready to impress? Knowing the answers to these questions will help take you some way to getting you set up with the right machine from us today, and before long you’ll be able to cook up an exquisite roast feast of the most magnificent quality. You can take all the plaudits of course, but we all know that it’s the machine that is the true star of the show!

Quality Assured Roasting Machines Available For Hire

A Hog Roast Cricklade machine is as fine a piece of equipment as you’ll get in catering. They can do it all. Most of our machines are designed with versatility in mind. Cook numerous giant hog roasts at once, or one hog roast and one lamb roast, or hundreds of roast potatoes along with a dozen chicken legs, or grill up perfect burgers and sausages for that dream summer barbecue, or simply pull out the serving table and get to work preparing a fresh salad to go with your roast too.

We love working with these machines because we know that we can get all we need out of them for every single event without issue. It is unrivalled quality most assured for your cooking and catering needs.

Because we know these machines inside out and we are also the best source to purchase or hire them from directly. When coming to us for hire we can get you set up with absolutely everything you’ll possibly need to know about your new machine. A huge benefit of hiring direct from Hog Roast Cricklade machine hire is that we offer our customers full training to help them get to grips with their new machines. You’ll be invited out to one of our many warehouses in the nation where are machines are actually built and maintained. Here our team will give you an extensive course on your chosen machine with top tips for getting the best out of your machine and safety guidance so that all operations can be carried out without risk of injury to you or others.

These warehouses can also be returned to any time your machine is in need of attention. We offer our customers full warranty on their machines to receive immediate repairs at any time, and we also offer regular maintenance, part replacement or a full servicing so that your machine can keep on humming as if it is its very first time in use once again.

Any time you perhaps wish to upgrade to a more advanced machine or if another machine is better for your needs you can also come right on back and talk to us again. Hog Roast Cricklade machine wants to spread our love of roast catering far and wide, so we’re always more than happy to keep new recruits to this wonderful passion as close by as we can with our support readily available!

So, if you’re ready to become a master chef of your own home with the best roasts in town then come and contact Hog Roast Cricklade machine today! We’ll set you up and set you off as soon as quickly as can be.