Hog Roast Catering

Thinking of putting on an event but can’t figure out how you’ll feed your hundreds of guests? Tried every type of catering and never quit been wowed? Looking for that “something more” to really make your event lift? Then you’ve most certainly come to the right place. Hog Roast Builth Wells are the caterer in hog roast dining – a stylish and spectacular dining experience that gives events the gift of excellent dining, excellent service, and even an excellent culinary show as a bonus too! This is the fashionable way to dine, and it also just so happens to be the best, and it is yours for reasonable and flexible pricing today!

Hog Roast Builth Wells can set your event up with all that you need to make your event really stand out. Our specialist dining service is tailor made to impress guests; from our cooking styles, to the guest service, to every single bite from the food on the plate, every part of Hog Roast Builth Wells catering is built for style and quality. So don’t wait around, come learn more about the nation’s leading hog roast caterer and what we will bring to your next event!

More Than Just A Meal Service

Catering is so important to an event. Every single one of us will no doubt know the disappointment of attending a party or an event and hoping for an excellent meal, and when it doesn’t happen it can put a dampener on the entire event. But similarly when we do get that excellent meal at an event it brings so much more out of the occasion. We all want to be impressed with all parts of an event, so why not start with the food first of all!

Hog Roast Builth WellsAt Hog Roast Builth Wells we endeavour to make our catering as impressive as possible so that guests have an even better experience at your event. Doing so requires more than just a good dish, however. Our entire service is built around the unique and the stylish which is where our events come to be impressive. The hog roast is our key to doing this as this most excellent of dishes and culinary styles makes for the most wonderful of dining experiences. Not only is the hog roast cooking style better for bringing out the taste and texture of your pork or chosen meat roast, it also looks magnificent at work too! The hog roast has been enjoyed at events across the world for centuries on account of that very spectacle – its fiery brilliance a wonderful showpiece for any occasion, and with our loving authentic recreation your event can enjoy that spectacle and that quality of meat once more! Guests can be wowed as we cook with a whole pig on a spit to then be freshly served from (it doesn’t get much fresher than straight from the pig to the plate, after all!).

This style of going above and beyond is all that Hog Roast Builth Wells is about. We always want to bring that “something more” through every part of our service to your event. It makes the food better and it makes the whole experience better too!

Fresh Dining To Events

Events pose a simple but fairly difficult logistical problem when held: with so many mouths to feed how do ensure that all our fed and that all meals are still of a standard quality. Many other caterers may rely on quick tricks like pre-prepared meals or bought in frozen dishes to keep the quality at an equal standard across every dish and to help save time, but at Hog Roast Builth Wells we would far rather go that extra mile to make every dish fresh. Here we source high quality meats and ingredients from top local stocks and farms and when it comes to your event we bring these raw ingredients and freshly sourced meats to be prepped that day and that day only.

Hog Roast Builth WellsYou’ll find that our teams like to arrive to site early so that they can get to work prepping every dish you eat that day fresh. Our roasts take many hours to cook, so we’ll get that set up first of all so that when it comes time to eat you’ll be dining from a hot and fresh roasted only freshly finished. That time also gives us time to prep every other dish fresh too; every salad, every side, every dish is made fresh on site so that they are at their best tasting for guests. Freshness is an undervalued benefit for the quality of foods, and at an utmost freshness you and your guests are getting the very best of every single dish. These are high quality ingredients that demand to be enjoyed at their best, and so with Hog Roast Builth Wells you get just that!

Bespoke Dining

At Hog Roast Builth Wells you can dine your way. All you need to do is call or message to get started and once we iron out the details of your event we’ll provide free quotes on a variety of menu and service packages that we believe fit best. From there it is an easy process of customising as much as you want until you have the catered experience of your dreams.

You can enjoy buffet menus, formal dining, barbecues, indoor or outdoor dining, drinks services or canapés services; whatever the needs of your event Hog Roast Builth Wells can satisfy your tastes! It just takes that first call right now.