Hog Roast Cricklade

Hog Roast CrickladeLooking for a fine roast feast catered like no other to your events in Cricklade this year? Then look no further than Hog Roast Cricklade as we deliver a most unique and premium roast catering service to your events. At Hog Roast Cricklade we like to set ourselves apart from the crowd a bit by bringing together traditional cookery with modern flair and brilliance.

We’ve made the authentic hog roast our staple dish and namesake as we believe it delivers on everything you can possibly want from an event dining experience. This dining experience is most assuredly one of those “must try” things in life, and for events it brings a certain  unique style and quality to the day that always impresses guests. So. whether you’re looking for catering at a wedding, corporate function, birthday, festival or more then you must give Hog Roast Cricklade a call.

The hog roast is an excellent dish because it is a spectacle in its cooking style as well as a delicious dish too. For your events we make sure to cook this traditional dish in the authentic manner too for added effect. Starting early in the day we prepare and cook your roast using our very own mobile spit roaster and carefully tend to it during its slow cook. It isn’t fast dining, to be sure, but its results are all the more worth the wait as you’ll find a perfect crisp texture across your pork skin, and a delightfully juicy and delicate meat inside just bursting with fine flavour. When you see and try it for yourself you’ll certainly see why it has been a favourite of both ours and our guests at events over the last 20+ years!

Creative Dining With Hog Roast Cricklade

Hog Roast CrickladeAt Hog Roast Cricklade we put brilliance into every aspect of our service. From our special hog roast to our many other meat sides, vegan delicacies, veggie dishes and gluten-free substitutes there is quality to be found everywhere. Sound daunting? Well not to worry as our staff are happy to help find you a menu choice tailored just for your event, no matter your budget. Their expert food knowledge will bring you a perfectly refined food experience that impresses every time.

Don’t just take our word for it though, call Hog Roast Cricklade today and fuel your perfect dining experience this year.