Hog Roast Kingstone

Hog Roast KingstoneLooking for dining with a bit of freshness to it at your next event in Kingstone? Well then call it your lucky day as Hog Roast Kingstone are here with the new way to dine as our speciality fine meat roast catering is changing up the game. W

ith a unique blend of the old and new, Hog Roast Kingstone have curated an exciting dining experience that brings more than just a meal slopped onto a plate. Treat yourself right this year with our dazzling hog roasts – an authentic and truly special culinary art that makes for exceptional dining experiences at events.

We have brought genuine and traditional roasting back to the kitchen with our hog roast and the classic method of the fire pit spit roast here to dazzle all at your event. For us the spit roaster, as well as adding delicious quality to our foods, provides an air of spectacle to events with its air of medieval majesty and the sizzling smokiness of its fiery cooking.

There are few finer sights than a great hog strung atop our spit roaster, sizzling away with perfect flavour and a nice even charred texture locking in every bit of crisp flavour. We use only top range ingredients and meats sourced from local stocks and vendors too to really give our chefs an even better platform to truly deliver on the perfect roast for your event.

Exciting Dining to Hog Roast Events In Kingstone

Hog Roast KingstoneThere’s no end to the quality that Hog Roast Kingstone brings to the occasion. For your weddings, corporate functions, anniversaries, festivals, social nights and more,  choose from a whole host meat, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes to suit your tastes.

Our roast is the speciality but we never prohibit our customers from their most favourite tastes, and to that end we also deliver this premium dining experience at an affordable and flexible cost that doesn’t limit on quality even at lower costs. We can find the services your event needs with the foods you desire for a price that is fair to you.

This is premium dining made for all – and it is only available with Hog Roast Kingstone today!