Hog Roast Ledbury

Hog Roast LedburyEvent dining always demands that “something more” to make the experience exactly as it is labelled: an event.  Here at Hog Roast Ledbury we are all about bringing that additional ‘X’ factor in our catered dining for events. With a stylish and dazzling catered service we help to make your events every bit as special as they demand to be.

Here at Hog Roast Ledbury we are changing up the catering game with the stylishly made hog roast. It is the perfect addition to any event as its slow cooking method looks not only magnificent in action but also delivers exquisite results and is capable of very easily cooking for 100s of guests with no loss of quality.

On top of this we have made event dining easy with our selection of beautiful meaty roasts, barbecued skewers, sides, salads and more all for an affordable and flexible cost that works to you. For your event we are all about bringing spectacle and style to the day on top of efficient, professional service that gives all you need for a successful day. So, for weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, small dinner parties, choose Hog Roast Ledbury today and we will create a special catered service that puts the “event” in event dining!

Dining for You With Hog Roast Ledbury

Hog Roast Ledbury Hog Roast Ledbury have a vast and varied menu to meet your needs at your event. Dining is always one of the best parts of any event, so make sure that your event gets the exact foods and services to fit your tastes. Though we are famed most for our hog roast we have plenty of other meat and veggie roasts, grilled and barbecued delights, fresh salads and sides prepared on site, and choices of savoury, chocolatey, or sweet desserts for a perfect dining menu. Enjoy a Hog Roast Ledbury menu in a variety of styles too, from buffet to set table service, indoor or outdoor dining, and more! Our pricing will also work to your budget as well allowing you to enjoy the foods and services you crave without a lengthy bill at the end of it all!

So go on – give our team a call today and bring fine foods to your next event now!