Hog Roast Presteigne

Hog Roast PresteigneWelcome to Hog Roast Presteigne, Herefordshire’s leading hog roast caterer. We have been in the industry for over 20 years, so you can have the peace of mind that all of our dishes will have been created by our chefs with years of expertise under their belt, so you can always guarantee supreme taste and quality.

Hog roasting is a tradition that has truly stood the test of time over the decades, and we have brought it bang up to date with our state-of-the-art machinery which has been designed and manufactured by our very own team. Although the process takes several hours, we monitor the pork carefully as it turns on the spit to ensure that it achieves the exact golden-brown finish and juicy texture that we pride ourselves on.

If pork isn’t your favourite meat – all is not lost. In fact, far from it. Thanks to the variety of attachments on our machine, we can whip up any meat that takes your fancy. Chicken? Beef? Turkey? Fish? You name it, we can serve it. As for vegans and vegetarians, we have a selection of delicious meat-free and animal product-free menus which are available upon request.

Hog Roast Presteigne – The Finest Ingredients Sourced From Herefordshire Farmers

As a company, we take pride in only using the freshest fruits and vegetables, as well as free-range meat in the creation of our dishes. With this in mind, we source our ingredients from local farmers in Hog Roast Presteignethe Hertfordshire region who have been recommended to us and ensures that we can guarantee quality every single time.

Have you always wanted to try hog roasting for yourself? Why not give it a go? Hog Roast Presteigne hire out machines to aspiring chefs who are keen to try their hand at our expert hog-roasting process – and it could be you! We’ll equip you with everything you need; from the machine to the meat and tools, as well as a helping hand from one of our chefs.

What are you waiting for? Book Hog Roast Presteigne today. We look forward to hearing from you!