Hog Roast Thornbury

Hog Roast ThornburyHog Roast Thornbury is the name to remember this year for stylish event dining that makes a difference. We bring the unique flair of fine hog roast dining to your events all throughout Thornbury. Why should this be of interest to you or your event? Well the answer is quite simple. Hog roast dining is truly made for all aspects of event catering; it delivers on not only great tastes, but excellent entertainment and a truly divine spectacle too.

This traditional dish has been enjoyed at events across the world for centuries on account of its incredible look and its volume of quality in quantity. With one roast around one hundred guests can be well fed, and that’s before you get to all of our delicious accompaniments and further meaty roast and side dishes too!

At Hog Roast Thornbury we work to bring you this freshly prepared and slow-cooked hog roast made in the traditional manner of proper rotisserie style spit roasting. Starting early in the day, your meal is slow roasted fresh on one of our very own mobile spit roasts until it is cooked to an exact perfection and falls away perfectly from the bone to then be served up in a number of incredible ways.

It is a novel and stylish way to dine for your event, guaranteeing an unrivalled level of quality in every bite!

Serving Delicious Hog Roasts In Thornbury

Hog Roast ThornburyThornbury deserves the best in all of catering. For your events we have bespoke catering that works to you. You need only tell us a bit about the event and your tastes, and our expert team will have a range of free quotes ready for you in no time. With well over 20 years of experience in the industry we know exactly what it takes to make an event sing, so you can depend on us to bring you the best. A quick look at any of our dozens of customer testimonials will tell you the same!

Make your event truly special this year; make it a Hog Roast Thornbury event. By calling today you’re guaranteeing stylish, premium level dining for an affordable cost, so get on it!