Hog Roast Withington

Hog Roast WithingtonWelcome to Hog Roast Withington. If you are in the market for exciting dining at your next event in Withington then most assuredly have stopped upon the right place. We’re an event caterer with all the hallmarks to make your most special occasions an all-round special experience through exciting and novel dining.

We make event dining stylish and unique with a high-quality range of foods and a novel speciality in hog roast cooking. The fiery tradition of proper hog roast cooking will most assuredly keep your event burning hot with excitement as we cook fresh throughout the day in a fine display of sizzling spectacle and delicious smoky aromas.

By combining British traditionality, modern brilliance, style, flair and deliciousness in equal measure, our hog roast is the perfect addition to any affair.

Few dining experiences come much better than being served straight from a freshly roasted whole pig as it comes off the spit and is shredded right for serving to your plate while still sizzling. We do things the right way with traditional slow cooking in a genuine hog roaster for the added spectacle, novelty, and of course taste that such a dining style provides.

It makes for an event in dining special for your event – and that is a Hog Roast Withington guarantee!

Exquisite Tastes, Quality Foods With Hog Roast Withington

Hog Roast WithingtonThe Hog Roast Withington catered service is an utterly unique food experience not offered anywhere else on the market – and certainly not at such low and affordable prices as this! So, whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate affair, anniversary, birthday, small dinner party, festival or otherwise, then Hog Roast Withington are the only caterer you should be looking to this year.

At Hog Roast Withington we also boast a huge variety of exquisite dishes to really flesh out our whole service for all. Accompanying the speciality hog roast you’ll find many other meat dishes as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free mains, sides, salads, canapes and more!

Every dish is fresh and delicious and has all the hallmarks to make your event dining experience a truly unforgettable one this year. Whatever your event needs Hog Roast Withington will deliver in proper style!

So, don’t hold out on us now – get on over to Hog Roast Withington today for a free quote and quality advice and service for your next event!