Winter Housewarming Party Done Right With Hog Roast Hoarwithy

Hog Roast HoarwithyMoving homes is always a stressful endeavour, from the outset right up to getting settled in your new nest. Even once you have found your new home, you are then faced with the challenge of packing and unpacking stuff that never seems to end. And then right to the aftermath of planning and throwing a housewarming party to break in your new home. So, if you have found a new place this winter and are throwing a party to celebrate, why not choose Hog Roast Hoarwithy for your catering needs? We want to take at least one stress off of your plate by offering you the best dishes and service money can buy.

Last month, we attended a housewarming party for the couple, David and Katie, who had moved from a townhouse to a countryside cottage. The two decided that there was no better catering choice to fit their new rural location than a tasty hog roast with Hog Roast Hoarwithy. It was a small get-together, and an afternoon spent overlooking fields whilst enjoying the homely, farm feel that comes with the classic hog roast menu. For the main dish, David and Katie’s guests enjoyed a slow-roasted pig served alongside freshly made apple sauce, homemade sage and onion stuffing and crackling with a selection of bread rolls and wraps. BBQ-pulled jackfruit was served in a bun for the non-meat eaters. 

Hog Roast Hoarwithy David and Katie’s housewarming party was a success, but if you would rather step up and let our team step back, then our rentable machines are always an option. Our easy-to-use machines are a great way to impress your guests if you fancy yourself a chef. You can choose to provide your meat or buy it from us. We are experts in the meat trade at Hog Roast Hoarwithy and assure you we will provide you with the highest quality meat.

If you have an upcoming housewarming party, let the Hog Roast Hoarwithy team help you settle in!

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