Hog Roast Peterchurch Makes Organising Children’s Birthday Parties A Breeze

Any parent will tell you that planning and executing a children’s birthday party successfully isn’t as easy as it might sound. While most children are easily entertained, they are notorious for their fussy eating habits.

This can certainly make finding a catering service to handle your little one’s party a bit of a challenge. And that’s putting it mildly! But not to fear, Hog Roast Peterchurch is here!

When it comes to catering, you can trust that Hog Roast Peterchurch will never let you down. Our inclusive food plans are ideal for guests of all ages, meaning you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune, only to then have kids turn their noses up.

All of our dishes are made freshly on-site right before they are due to be served, using the freshest local ingredients. And as well as being full of flavour, our menus are incredibly affordable to boot.

For Jaqueline, these factors confirmed that Hog Roast Peterchurch was the perfect choice for her catering needs. So, the client hired us to cater for her daughter Rosie’s 5th birthday party, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Hog Roast PeterchurchWe provided a delicious BBQ spread that was enough to accommodate all the guests’ needs. The feast featured chicken kebabs, gourmet sausages, meaty spareribs and our famous 100% British beef burger patties, which were served on burger buns with melting cheese. For the non-meat-eating kids, vegetarian versions of our burgers and sausages were included on the menu. These tasty mains were served with freshly made pasta salad, coleslaw and mixed fries.

To Jaqueline’s delight, the guests all loved the food, and everyone agreed that the atmosphere of the party was made even more spectacular with the addition of our side dishes and other food options. To top it off, we also provided a variety of desserts, which included profiteroles, cheesecake, and birthday cake slices dressed with fresh cream and berries. As you can imagine, these proved very popular with the children!

We had a great time catering at Rosie’s 5th birthday party and were happy to have been part of such a special occasion. We wish Rosie and her family all the best for the future.

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