Hog Roast Chorleywood Handled A Family Get-Together!

Back in June, Hog Roast Chorleywood had the pleasure of catering for a family get-together at a private residence in nearby Farley Hill. Our client, Elisa, had invited 90 guests to the celebration and had, therefore, been looking for a trustworthy catering service to create a delicious spread that her whole family could get behind.

After reading through our highly detailed menu plans and glowing reviews from previous happy customers, Elisa was certain that our Hog Roast Chorleywood team was up to the task, and so she had requested us to serve our Classic Hog Roast Menu.

Hog Roast Chorleywood The menu consisted of a succulent hog roast, accompanied by crispy crackling, homemade applesauce, sage and onion stuffing and delicious freshly baked gluten-free bread rolls. Additionally, we provided a variety of sides, including coleslaw and mixed salad. Accommodating the veggie and vegan guests, Hog Roast Chorleywood rustled up some BBQ pulled jackfruit rolls with a punchy plant-based ‘slaw.

As the guests arrived, they were instantly greeted with the mouth-watering aroma of the roasting hog and could not wait to try our delicious menu. Our friendly and professional staff, led by our catering manager, Daniel, ensured that the food was served promptly and with a smile, making sure that every guest was satisfied.

Throughout the event, our crew received numerous compliments on the quality of the food and the service provided. Elisa and her guests were particularly impressed with the tenderness and flavour of the hog roast, which had been slow-cooked to absolute perfection.

Hog Roast Chorleywood takes pride in using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in all our dishes, and we are delighted that Elisa and her guests enjoyed our Classic Hog Roast Menu. We look forward to catering for many more events in the future and bringing our delicious food to more satisfied customers.

If you are keen to try Hog Roast Chorleywood’s creations for yourself or have questions about the services we offer, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with our customer service team through email, telephone, social media or by filling out our online enquiry form.

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