Host An AGM With Hog Roast Bodenham Catering

Depending on when your business sets it end of financial year, you may be looking at holding your Annual General Meeting within the next few months. AGMs are important to reflect over the last year of business and examine what goals have been hit or missed, and where the future of the company for the coming year may lay. To properly conduct an AGM with constructive thinking your attendants and hosts will no doubt need plenty of food which is where a professional caterer like Hog Roast Bodenham can help.

Hog Roast BodenhamYou may already know about Hog Roast Bodenham’s corporate catering from working with us before. We work with many businesses, both local and global, to provide professional dining services for a variety of occasions and events. Sometimes this in the form of staff lunches brought to the office, other times it is more high-class dining for client meetings, or canape and buffet services for conferences and networking events. In the early part of the year it is often for AGMs too, since we know that this a time when companies will have a lot of shareholders and members in attendance. It helps to keep them well fed, and our hog roast catering will more than suffice. Plus, with it being an AGM it may be that your business will be discussing a troubled financial situation, so our corporate catering will provide a professional yet affordable option for your business.

The goal of your AGM is to discuss important business decisions and goals, so our catering is there merely to supplement the day without getting in the way. Hog Roast Bodenham can offer guests a welcome bite and even small glass of bubbly if you wish, or we can have a canape service for before or after the discussions. It may be that your AGM is held as a dinner in which case our set menus will be an excellent accompaniment, or we can have a buffet off to the side for shareholders to come and pick at to their own liking.

A strong business is built on the services it provides its shareholders, so treat them the right way this AGM with Hog Roast Bodenham catering!

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