Enjoy An Alfresco Menu From Hog Roast Pembridge For Your Wedding This Spring

Hog Roast PembridgeAt Hog Roast Pembridge, we can cater for weddings of any shape or size, and all of our menus are entirely customised to suit your needs. Whether you are planning on a large-scale ceremony or a casual gathering, Hog Roast Pembridge is on hand to help! Here is just one menu that is sure to go down a treat….

Becca and her fiancé are tying the knot this summer and are currently finalising the details of their reception. They are hoping to enjoy a day of beautiful sunshine and good weather and wanted their menu to reflect this, which is why they chose Hog Roast Pembridge’s alfresco menu. Our catering manager Michele recommended this option when the couple said they wanted to enjoy something different, as this menu includes a delicious and trendy starter followed by a filling main course and elegant dessert options. The reception is set to take place in a converted barn in Herefordshire, which will further add to the summery and fun atmosphere for this big day!

Hog Roast PembridgeIn preparation for the event, Michele and the Hog Roast Pembridge team are busy planning the perfect menu for the occasion. Our alfresco menu begins with a delicious variety of sharing platters served tableside to the guests. The platters include a selection of delicious meats and cheeses, as well as fresh bread and salads. As a starter, this is a great option since it includes so many different tastes and textures for your guests to enjoy.

The main meal will be a classic Hog Roast Pembridge slow-roasted hog, served with a selection of trimmings and sides. This course always goes down successfully and is a great addition to any wedding day.

To finish the menu, the guests will be able to choose between sticky toffee pudding and chocolate torte, with each dish accompanied by English cream and fresh berries. Not only is this a delicious dish, but it also looks incredibly elegant!

To book your wedding catering today, simply let Hog Roast Pembridge know your party size, date, and location and we can do the rest. We hope to hear from you soon!

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