Hog Roast Weobley – Get the Best Of Roast Dining With A Spit Roast

At Hog Roast Weobley our namesake hog roast is an impressive dish that only takes a few steps to get absolutely perfect. You can bring it out at a dinner party or a celebration and wow guests just with the sight of it, even before they have been lucky enough to get a bite out of it!

One of the best ways that we use for perfecting this dish is to spit roast it. At home you are unlikely to have access to the right equipment for spit roasting, and while the oven roast approach can garner similar results, at Hog Roast Weobley we will always push to do it the authentic way. Fortunately you can do so by hiring our easy-to-use mobile roasting machines. These can come in variable sizes with more compact versions to help with at-home use and storage, and their use is actually very simple to be able to work at home with minimal fuss. It is all one self-contained unit that can be moved anywhere, meaning no mess, minimal set-up, and even less to store away again. You simply prep your meat, set it on the roaster with a bit of water, and let it roast, making sure to check on it now and again.

Hog Roast WeobleyWith the spit roasting function your meat, no matter what kind of meat you have chosen, will stay nice and moist all throughout the cooking process leading to a more flavoursome, juicy roast. This is because the spit works via a constant motion over a hot bed of flames. Your meat sits atop the spit (or sometimes pierced through it) and slow roasts for several hours – we recommend at least 4-6. The turning action will keep your meat’s natural juices circulating right throughout every part of the meat. This keeps meat moist and will also help to spread any seasoning you have prepped the meat with throughout, intensifying it as it continues to circulate leading to stronger flavour.

It’s the best way to enjoy your roast dinners, so get your spit roast with Hog Roast Weobley today!

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